Friday Noir: False Sense Of Promise

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_False Sense of Promise_2014_0332

The day has risen to dark, and all your chips are in.

It’s a short time to midnight now.

You followed that dream, like all the guys do.

Drove that hot car with the big tires screaming down Route 524.

Drove it right to the end, right to where the pavement meets the sand.

That dream has been gone, like the flame off a match.

Cashed out. Never to be followed.

Either you beat the money or the money beats you.

Yours was a false sense of promise.

In the dying light, lonely are the beautiful…the brilliant…the brave…the damned.

You keep on livin’ out of sheer habit.


Whew. This is my 148th Friday Noir. Just had an anniversary yesterday: I started this series back on July 24, 2009.

Hard to believe I’ve been rolling out these photos, these stories, for five years now. Granted, I’ve slowed down a little this year – not posting every single Friday as I had been – but I’m always looking for opportunities to shoot new noir, and write the stories that go along with them.

By way of updates, the Trouble In The Heartland project is still moving along.

And, I’m working on another project for Zelmer Press, adding noir-type images to another collection of short stories, this one edited by Chuck Ragan. More on that to come.

Speaking of noir, here’s some good further reading that I just came upon in the last couple of days:

* In The New Yorker: Film Noir: The Elusive Genre

* On Criminal Element: Noir Turns 70: Film Noir of 1944

So, at 70, the noir genre continues to keeps revvin’ its (and our) engine, taking us to dark places.

Pour another slug of the good stuff and give a toast to good ol’ noir.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2014

3 thoughts on “Friday Noir: False Sense Of Promise

    • *bowing deeply at the waist* Much thanks, my friend. I appreciate your encouraging words. We’re both getting after it! 🙂

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