JSP Visual Week In Review | 07.26.14

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_WIR_072614

There are some weeks where you can document the ticking of every minute.

Then there are weeks like this. Where did it go? Seemed like I was just sitting here at my kitchen table, coffee to my right, doing this.

I’m looking back over my calender for the week and it doesn’t provide any insight. I see where I was scheduled to be and what I was supposed do…yet it’s a blur.

Kind of a rough week in the house, health wise. My wife had to deal with two of the three Kraj Kids coming down with various ailments – summer colds and fevers. Only the youngest, Matt (who we call Rubble) seemed immune. He powered through the week like his usual bull-in-a-china-closet self.

Hopefully everyone will be tip-top shape this weekend. It’s late July and the county fair is in town.

On a disturbing note, I’m already seeing and hearing (on the radio) back to school ads. Really?? We just had the 4th of July. Man, when I was a kid, I hated to see those ads. Summer’s flying by. Before you know it, we’ll be seeing Christmas adverts.

Enjoy it while it’s hot.


This Week’s Links:

* Fun watch (saw it last night): Rock ‘N Roll Exposed: The Photography Of Bob Gruen

* The great Raymond Chandler would have turned 126 the other day. Here, Jake Hinkson reflects on 70 years of noir.

* Must Watch: Impressionist Frank Caliendo reads the LeBron James “homecoming” letter as Morgan Freeman.

* Read: The relationship between creativity and mental illness.

* Hugh MacLeod: In Praise Of Small Art

* 50 cool book covers.

* Didn’t like reading this about where I grew up… (but it’s true – make your own happiness. I lived in San Francisco – arguably one of the best cities in the world – for 14 months and was the most unhappy I’ve ever been. Thanks to a bad boss at my job there.)

* “Sharpness is a bourgeois concept.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

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