JSP Visual Week In Review | 09.13.14

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_WIR_091314

Were did this week go?

Last week at this time, I racing (well, hiking at times) up and down a Black Diamond ski slope, crawling under barbed wire like I was an extra in The Great Escape and jumping over fire.

Then the week spun, buried under the weight of first days of school, website design and development, and ugly messes in the NFL and domestic violence.

And another 9/11 anniversary.

Which brings us back to Saturday. Yes, after many months of training and preparation, I did my Spartan Race. Wanted to finish the eight mile course in 3 hours 30 minutes. My actual time was 3:16. It was tough and challenging. I liked it. The next day, I ran a 5K race in support of the Travis Manion Foundation. Came in 12th out of 98 runners and first in my age group. (Kinda caught me by surprise that I’m now in the 40-44 age range, but I guess that’s where I am.) So, it was a good athletically fulfilling weekend.

The kids are back at school, the evening air has a slice of chill to it, apples fests are starting around here. May make a run out to the farm today to hopefully get some of the last of the summer corn.

The calendar has flipped, the page is turned. We keep on keepin’ on.


This Week’s Links:

* Found this fantastic photoessay on Shaolin Monks by Tomasz Gudzowaty.

* And, this. So great. Watch: Cory Richards: A Tribute to a Life of Discomfort

* Craig Ferguson photographs Chef Lanshu Chen for the Wall Street Journal.

* 20 Best Crime Fiction Shows of all time.

* Via LIFE magazine, Prohibition, NYC.

* Via Burn Magazine, a conversation with Martin Parr.

* Fantastic cover of Springsteen’s Save My Love by local NJ artists Nalani & Sarina.

* Al Pacino’s Driving Force.

* Singer/songwriter Justin Townes Earle cover’s Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams. Good stuff.

* “Contrast is what makes photography interesting.” ~ Conrad Hall.

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