Hat In The Ring, Again

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_NJBizMontage_092014

On the submissions front, 2014 hasn’t been very good to me.

Earlier in the year, I submitted some images for a gallery showing at the Monmouth Museum.


I submitted some images to a Filson Outdoor Photo Contest.

No go.

The AdoramaPix YBS of 2013 worked out a bit better, but no winner winner chicken dinner.

But, despite all this, I’m throwing my hat in the ring yet again.

Got an email a few weeks from the photo editor at NJBiz Magazine. NJBiz is New Jersey’s leading business weekly and they are publishing a hardcover book to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of The Great State of New Jersey. The email said they were looking for photo entries that capture the great points of our state. (I think one of my photos was published in a book their publishing company did a few years ago, so my email must be in their database.)

So, you get that email, and you call yourself JerseyStyle Photography, well, you gotta submit to something honoring the state.

After extensive review and thinking, I finally selected the 10 images (above) that I wanted to submit for consideration.

Prior to my selections, I had a short email exchange with the photo editor, and at one point, he said he would like to see some people shots. I knew that was coming, frankly. As I imagine, he’s getting a TON of sunrise, sunset and beach shots. I’ve seen this before happen before with other local photo books. But to me, that doesn’t define New Jersey. And, frankly, it’s boring, unmemorable photography to me. (Seriously, what’s the last sunrise image you remember for longer than it takes to pass though the synapses of your brain?)

So, I tried to pick some of my images that do define our state: The hardworking people of this state (a cobbler, diner owner, and a patriot). Some iconic locations, but with a different look (Madam Marie’s, The Trenton Makes bridge, 9/11 Memorial in Jersey City), and some views that show the beauty of our state.

I was trying to select some of the more unique, interesting images in my NJ portfolio, some that tell the story without having to really do so. Sure I know others will submit photos of Madame Marie’s shop. You go to Asbury Park, you’re shooting that. But I think my shot is unique (fisheye lens, nice sun spark). So, even with the common photos, I tried to give it a new look.

Will any of them be selected for this book?


We shall see, I guess. I’ll let you know when I hear.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2014


5 thoughts on “Hat In The Ring, Again

  1. You never know what photo editors and judges are really looking for. The images you selected are worthwhile to include regardless of what the editor thinks. Good luck.

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