It’s Real….And It’s Spectacular

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_real book_092014_4950

It’s real, and it’s spectacular.*

After months of working on the TROUBLE IN THE HEARTLAND project virtually, yesterday, for the first time….I saw the book live and in my hand.

PDF’s are on thing. To be able to touch the cover, flip through it, smell the pages.

It’s real and it’s spectacular.*

It’ “premiered” at the Fifty Years Of Makin’ This Guitar Talk symposium at Monmouth University.

Not only did it premier there, it was very well-received. We had 25 advance copies, and sold them out. Hopefully, that will bode well for when the book is released for good in early December.

I also had some of my Photographs On The Edge of Town posters for sale as well, and they received some nice attention and reaction to them as well.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Pictures1_092014_4955

But yesterday was all about seeing the book in print.

Congrats to Joe Clifford and Zelmer Press for bringing this over the goal line.

And for allowing me to get involved with it.

I’m truly honored and excited. More to come…



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