JSP Visual Week In Review | 09.27.14

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_WIR_092614

And just like that….it’s Fall.

I know it officially became Fall here in the Great State of New Jersey, but it literally seemed liked it happen overnight. The trees, all of a sudden, are shedding their greens and putting on coats of golds and reds and oranges. The days are still nicely warm – great beach days – but the evenings are cool. Great grass growing weather!

What a busy month. I think this is only my second Visual Week In Review for the month. First it was the Spartan Race on a Saturday that got me out early; last week, it was the symposium at Monmouth University (best part comes early,at the :37 mark. Heh.)

It was a really great week, though. Between the symposium, and an evening with Thom Zimny, I’m almost Boss’ed out. Almost. The capper of the week, though, was, mid-week, bumping into Bruce himself down in Red Bank. Guess I finally have “I saw Bruce Springsteen” story that it seems every NJ person has. It’s like seeing a lion in the wild.

This weekend, it’s supposed to be more summer-like than Fall-like. Sunny and mid-80s both days. Me and the family have decidedly Fall activities planned, though – apple picking, and hit the pumpkin patch. Halloween decorations already out and the flurries will start to fly soon enough. (Disgustingly, I’ve even seen Christmas decorations out at a local drugstore. Bah.)

Go. Shoot. Have fun this weekend.


This Week’s Links:

* Via Alex Garcia: We Are All Media Companies Now

* Yearbook photos of rock ‘n roll icons.

* I heard an interview with Mark Landis on NPR. Just and incredible story.

* Via ASMP….so, it IS about the gear??

* Photoessay via The New Yorker: The Dry Land.

* Good read: What the history of rock ‘n roll teaches us about innovation and self-reinvention.

* #2 retires.

* James Nachtwey: 30 years in TIME

* Patience.

* “The point in photography is that you picture what you know is there not what you can see.”Reinfried Marass

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