Into The Wilderness…It Could Cost You

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There was some hullabaloo (good word; we should use it more) last week about the U.S. Forest Service talking about charging media $1,500 for permits to for still photography and commercial filming on the 36 million acres of National Forest System lands. (Read the full directive here. Much easier to read news accounts.)

This permit wouldn’t be just for those folks photographing buffalo with their 300mm lenses, but for any bloke taking photos or videos even on an iPhone. The fine for not getting a permit would be punishable with a $1,000 offense.

Ansel Adams is turning over in his grave.

Of course, after much outcry, the Forest Service has backed off it’s fine language.

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I just don’t understand how this stuff gets out before a level-headed PR flack taps someone on the shoulder and says “Uh, have we thought this through?”

Getting a permit is all well and good (though a pain in the next at time). Even in NYC, if you want to drop a tripod, you run the risk of law enforcement involvement. Nothing serious, just someone telling you you can’t do that. I experienced that first hand in Grand Central Terminal a few years ago. Then again, getting a permit isn’t too difficult.

Now, I’m not into landscape photography too much. I do shoot landscapes, but I don’t normally seek it out unless I can get a person in it to give it scale, like the handstand shot I took in Vermont that leads off this post. To me, it’s always good to get a person in there the frame. Just gives it some context, some drama.

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But I couldn’t imagine being in one of our national parks, snapping a shot and then having the Park Service roll up on you.

If anything, they should be helping you move a mountain when you’re trying to take a shot of a bee.

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2 thoughts on “Into The Wilderness…It Could Cost You

  1. Great post, love the photos, especially the one of you being Nature Man. It’s on my bucket list toto do exactly what you’re doing in the photo of you. Hiking, alone, in nature, where I feel invincible. Keep the faith.

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