JSP Visual Week In Review | 10.04.14

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_WIR_100414

Quick recap today. My wife and Kraj Kid #2, Chase, are in Florida. His first airplane trip!

I’m watching Kraj Kid #’s 1 and 3 so we’re trying to stay occupied on this rainy Saturday here in the Great State of New Jersey.

All I can say is….October. Already. Whew.


This Week’s Links:

* My buddy Joe McNally has his first solo gallery showing at Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this weekend. Congrats to him.

* Speaking of Joe, great post about his use of available light.

* Adventures in 19th Century Photography

* Leice recreates 35 famous photos to celebrate 100th anniversary.

* They should have just used John Malkovich.

* Kelly Ripa had a birthday cake made out of Tastykakes (if you’re from in or around Philadelphia, you know Tastykake.)

* 80 Must Reads (As an aside, I finished To Kill A Mockingbird this week. I liked it, but it’s not on my top 5 of books. Kind of meandered, but in a good way.)

* Great watch: What does director David Fincher NOT do.

* “Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.” ~ Bruno Barbey

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2014


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