Photo A Or Photo B

Hey Gang! Welcome to thrilling episode of Which Do You Prefer: Photo A or Photo B!

You know how it works: I show you two photos (um, Photo A and Photo B) and you tell me which one you prefer.

Sounds simple right? Well it is!

Let’s get started:

Photo A

Photo A

Photo B

Photo B

A little background….

I was driving home the other day, and the light was pretty nice. The autumn colors are starting to shine through and it was a warm evening.

As I was traveling east on Route 524, I was ready to turn left into our little development. However, about a half mile down the road, I saw all this dust, all golden and well, dusty looking, floating across the roadway. I figured, correctly, that some action was happening on the farm right up the way.

So, rather than making my turn, I kept going straight to see what I could see. I couldn’t not.

Sure enough, this big guy was out playing in the dirt, doing some harvesting.

I stopped in the middle of my lane – no cars coming up behind me – and took some frames as he passed in front of me. They were OK, but a little boring. So, I drove up a ways, and turned around.

What I saw was much better. First, the machine wasn’t in the middle of my frame. I now had the treeline as a backdrop.

The dust was coming up behind the machine, which I liked. If you know anything about me, you know I like clouds and I like smoke. I also like dust.

Best of all, I had rays of heaven coming down from the top of the frame. Now, whenever I see that type of atmospheric occurrence, I think of two things: One, my mom, who, when we were little, would tell us kids that formation was “Jesus’ rays coming down from heaven”. (I even remember the first time I saw this, on an evening drive to my aunt’s house. I was maybe 7?)

The second thing I think of was some a photographer I was on on a phot shoot in Colorado with back in 1999. Saw the same rays in the sky and he said “Lookit all the crap in the sky.” (‘cept he didn’t say crap. He used the noun that rhymes with hit)

Whenever I see this, I prefer to think of Mom.

Anyway, that gave me more of the drama that I like. I felt like I had an interesting shot. All without leaving my truck.

When I processed these, I liked both the color and b&w versions.

So, which do you prefer: Photo A or Photo B?

9 thoughts on “Photo A Or Photo B

  1. I’ve gotta go with A as I think the tractor gets lost in the B&W version. I’d also darken the center and left portion of the sky to accentuate the light rays there (right now they’re blown out)

  2. I would have to go with A. – Like the contrast of the brown crops, blue sky and dark clouds along with the hint of the changing leaves in the background.

  3. I think it depends upon what you want as the subject. I like the color for the combine and the B&W for the sky. By a slim choice I’ll go with B, the B&W. I think it have a bit higher drama. Now lighten the combine just a little and you get another dramatic B&W image that is a little stronger than B.

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