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Park Two
This past Sunday, I headed down to The Stone Pony in Asbury Park. Danny Clinch was doing a book signing at The Pony and I wanted to a) get the book and b) get it signed by him. However, this would be one of my shorter runs to AP, as I had to get back up to my neck to the state (a little north of me, actually) to go to my nephew’s 3rd birthday party at a local farm. I was under strict orders from the Head Office: Go, Get the book signed, and Get back up to the party. No dilly-dallying. No hanging around.

It was a beautiful Sunday. As I took the quick route (I-195 to Route 138 East to Route 35 to Route 71 into Asbury Park), I had Springsteen’s Magic playing. I like that record, and it usually gives me good photographic luck. I kid you not, it does. Little did I know this would be a bit prophetic, a bit Madame Marie-ish if you will.

Usually when I get into Asbury Park, I hang a right on Cookman, follow it to Ocean and then start to look for parking. Sunday, though, I took that right on Cookman, but hung a larry on Kingsley, then went up just a couple of blocks to Second Ave. The Stone Pony is at 2nd and Ocean, so I was a bit behind the club.

I pulled into a spot at the end of the row, closer to Kingsley, and grabbed my camera. As I walked up 2nd Ave a bit, I saw a bad ass-looking black car, dice hanging from the rear view, parked near the back entrance to The Stone Pony. It was a 1950 Pontiac Silver Streak Fastback, that I thought looked a bit familiar. I started to take some photos of it just because it looked cool, then realized Danny, Leica hanging off his shoulder, was standing by it talking to someone.

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It was just about 1 p.m. and his signing was supposed to start at 1. When he finished up his chat, I just about mugged him. Asked him if I could take some portraits of him with his car.

“Sure,” he said. “Where do you want me?”

I’m now art directing Danny Clinch.

I start shooting, talking, telling him I’m here to get his book. Some other guy is looking at the car, too, and Danny’s laughing, saying “Hey, get outta the way! You’re in my photo shoot!”

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I certainly didn’t want to make him late, so I move around a little, fire off a few more frames. Thank him, shake his hand again, and say I’ll see him inside.

Thirty-five minutes later, he signs my book, and I grab a fanboy photo with him. I give him one of my JSP cards with an old car on the back.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Clinch_autograph_102014_7035

Two New Jersey Photographers

Two New Jersey Photographers

In all the excitement, and a pressing line, I forget to ask him if the car outside was the car that was on the digital insert of the Magic tour highlights album, which in turn was on a 2008 Magic tour t-shirt I have.

I’m pretty sure it was, though.

When I came out of The Stone Pony, the car was gone.

I climbed in my truck, book in hand, and made it in time for birthday cake.

As if by magic.

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