The Con Is On


Tomorrow, NoirCon 2014 kicks off down in Philadelphia. The brain child of Lou Boxer and an old La Salle University friend, crime writer Duane Swierczynski, it was born as GoodisCon, an homage to Philadelphia noir writer David Goodis. You may remember a couple of years ago when I did a Retreat To Goodisville.

Anyway, NoirCon is held every couple of years, an attracts folks from all over the world. However, the last one, which was supposed to be held in 2012 was cancelled when that mean old broad, Hurricane Sandy, blew through.

So, people are chomping at the bit for the dark and shadowy. I’ve long wanted to go to it, but usually off traveling for work at this time of year.

Not only do I get to go this year, I’m actually on a panel in support of TROUBLE IN THE HEARTLAND.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_NoirCon2014

Me and some of my local TITHL brethren will be on the panel, and we’ll show some of my photos, too. Books and prints, of course, will be for sale.

Ironically, the panel will be hosted by another of my friends from La Salle, Edward Petite, aka Philly Poe Guy. We had no idea so much noir was running around the campus at 20th & Olney 22 years ago.

I’m also looking to meet up with some authors that I’ve come to know, read and love virtually at this point.

Plus, I’ll be in my old Philly stomping grounds. I always love going back to my favorite U.S. city.

Here’s a good preview of NoirCon 2014 from

If you have nothing to do this Halloween weekend, come on out to the City of Brotherly Love and get your noir on.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2014

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