Veterans Day 2014

Dad, U.S. Coast Guard - Grandfather, U.S. Army

Dad, U.S. Coast Guard – Grandfather, U.S. Army

Today is Veterans Day*. Here’s some background on it’s history.

No Weekend Shot here today. Just a civilian salute to those who have served our country so that we can sleep under the blanket of freedom.

Also, some good reading on this day:

* No ordinary lives: A tribute to Washington’s WWII veterans. + beautiful portraits by David Burnett.

* Joe McNally shooting Vietnam War veterans.

* One of my favorite photo stories: The Man Who Collected Flags

* Watch: Bruce Springsteen’s The Wall.


On a very brief side note…today is the sixth anniversary of this photoblog. This is post number 1,167.

Heartfelt thanks so much to all of those who stop by my little corner of the world wide web to hear my musing, ready my stories, look at my photos, and, of course, take time to comment. So much going on in our lives…I truly appreciate it.
Update on 11/11/14:

So….I guess I was a day early on both accounts. TODAY is Veterans Day and TODAY is the six-year anniversary of this photo blog. Not sure why I was all thrown off yesterday.

No matter, we should remember what our enlisted do for us each and every day.

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