Tearsheet: Coastin’ On The Backstreets

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Coaster Fronts_112014

Hidin’ on the backstreets, hidin’ on the backstreets…~ Bruce Springsteen

Back in September, at the Bruce Springsteen Symposium I was part of, I had the honor of meeting Christopher Phillips.

Chris is the editor of Backstreets magazine, the premier Bruce Springsteen fanzine (and named after my favorite Springsteen song). Hard copies are published quarterly, and they’ve been covering the E Street band and other Jersey Shore sound artists since 1980.

They also, of course, have a very strong web presence. Backstreets.com is updated nearly daily, their Facebook page has over 31,000 “likes” and they have more than 32,000 followers on Twitter.

Since meeting Chris, we’ve kept in touch about various things. Somewhere in October, he reached out to me with a neat project to work on with him: A unique set of beverage coasters that can be offered to Springsteen fans who pre-order the newly remastered box set of early Springsteen albums.

If fans order through Backstreets.com, they not only get a discount, they also get a free set of coasters with Asbury Park-related images shot by me.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Backstreets Coaster_back_November 2014

When Chris pitched it to me, I thought it sounded great. I gotta admit though….I never imagined my AP images would end up on the back of a set of coasters – much less Asbury Park-themed coasters to be offered on the #1 Springsteen fan site.

To come up with the images, I dove back into my Asbury Park archives to come up with some that may work, especially when cropped down. I had a few, and sent them to Chris. Even took the opportunity to shoot some new ones, including the one of the iconic Carousel building. I really like that one, personally, and can’t wait to make a nice print of it.

Chris and I had some back and forth about cropping and whatnot, but it was smooth and collaborative. I was happy to see he gave JerseyStyle Photography a nice shout out on the Backstreets site and on social media.

Coaster set2

It was fun working with Chris on this, and I’m happy he considered me for this project. Can’t wait to see the coasters in person!

And who knows, maybe Bruce will get his hands on one of these coaster sets, and upon setting his beer down on one (I’m sure his wife Patti, like mine, is always telling him to “USE A COASTER ALREADY!”) will check out the back and say “Huh, I need some new head shots. I should give this JSP guy a call…”

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2014

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