Fish Story

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The sub-freezing run of days around here has brought some interesting results here in the country

Coming back from our weekly expedition to the recycling yard on Saturday, the boys and I stopped off at Imlaystown Lake. On outbound trip, I noticed it had frozen over an someone was ice fishing. I wanted the boys to “walk on water” a bit.

While there, we met Charlie. He was the gent ice fishing, and was nice enough to let me take some shots.

Since finishing my 100 Strangers project last summer, I really haven’t shot any “stranger” portraits. Charlie was the first person I had approached since then to shoot one.

Charlie had been out there all morning, catching and releasing pickerel’s, sunnies, bass, some rainbow trout. He used to live in the house about 100 yard from the lake but moved a few years ago.

I asked him if he minded if I shoot some photos, and he said not at all.

I tried to document his activity as best I could. Was moving and shooting quick, though. I only had my Canon S110 with me but it got the job done. The boys, while excited to be on the iced-over lake, were a little restless with me.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_bobber2_012015_0411

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_pickerel_012015_IMG_0405

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_pickerel2_012015_0406

Since finishing my 100 Strangers project last summer, I really hadn’t taken any “stranger” portraits. But I asked Charlie for his and he gave me a proper post. I thought I would be neat to dip in my Nik filters and finish his portrait in tintype style.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Charlie Fisherman Portrait1_011715_0408

Charlie told me he’s a machinist by trade. “Even did the interior railings – brass – in Bruce Springsteen’s house down in Colt’s Neck,” he told me. “Didn’t meet ’em but was rubbin’ elbows with Patti.”

Me and the boys enjoyed our little adventure. Chase, though, got a little freaked when we heard the ice cracking, though. Not that we were in any danger, but we decided to head on home.

Still, for the rest of the day, after shaking Charlie’s hand, my own smelled like fish…

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