Winter In Pennsylvania

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Think we started something here.

First, Joe McNally posted about Winter In New York.

Then, after a decent snowstorm last week, I followed his post up with Winter in New Jersey.

Now, this week….Winter in Pennsylvania.

I’m back up in Northeast PA as my Dad had to go back into the hospital on Monday for some follow-up surgery. (follow up his open-heart surgery back in October).

He’s doing well, hopefully coming home tomorrow. I came up to help out my Mom. Mom’s got a lot of help this week, though, as my sister and her young daughter are visiting from Edmonton too.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Grandmas Kitchen_022015

I’ve kind of forgotten what it’s like to be up here in the Wyoming Valley in winter. I came up late Sunday, and after passing through the Lehigh Valley Tunnel on the PA Turnpike, I had to grab that shot of the frozen Lehigh River that opens this post.

It then snowed overnight and early Monday, I was shoveling about 3-4 inches off the driveway I used to shovel all the time as a kid. Might be going on 30 years since I last shoveled it.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Sycamore Drive3_02032015_1360

Township snow plows can through and shoved all the snow to the sides. The main roads are cleared to the asphalt below, but the sides are snow packed. After visiting my Dad last evening, I decided to drive around Wilke-Barre to do some snowy night photography. Or some night snow photography.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_The Brewery_2032015_1393

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_White House_02032015_1407

Up here for another day or so. Weatherman is calling for another 1-3 inches tonight. I’ll be shoveling that driveway again, I guess.

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7 thoughts on “Winter In Pennsylvania

  1. I love the first three photos. They take me away from all the crazy stuff happening around the world and remind me of home even though I grew up in NC and lived in southeastern PA for 10 years before moving to TN. The second and third images scream family and home.

    I hope your Dad is doing well from his hospital stay.

    • Thanks, David. Yes, Pop is doing well, Should be home tomorrow. Been a long few months for him, though. Where in SEPA did you live – Philly area?

      • I lived in Harleysville, three miles northwest from the exit 31 on the Northeast Extension. Work was in an office in Plymouth Meeting. In the twenty years since I moved to TN, the area has changed a lot. Those changes and the years have not dimmed the wonderful memories I have of the people and area. I still miss the Mennonite family that sold us fresh vegetables at Zurn’s.

  2. Ehhhh, I miss the real big snow so much. We don’t have real winter in Poland this year 😦 (By the way 2012/13 and 2013/14 wasn’t much better…)

    I love the USA on Your photos. They ‘re always so moody. They (many of Your photos, not only today ones) remind me Roger Deakins great cinematography shots (he is the God of composition and light for me). You works are stunning. Many greetings from Poland (by the way don’t You have polish ancestors? Your surname is very polish…).

    • Very happy you enjoy my photos, Bibliomisek. To have my photos compared to Roger Deakins is an honor. And yes, actually, I’m half Polish! Other half is Slovak. Grew up in Catholic school with Polish and Slovak nuns. 🙂 I visited Warsaw on business back in 2000 and really enjoyed being there. ~ Mark

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