JSP Visual Week In Review | 03.07.15


The page turned, and we’re closer to Spring. Theoretically, at least.

Got socked with two winter storms this week – one on Tuesday, one on Thursday. Thursday was the worse of the two. Had to shovel my long driveway three times. Despite that, still seems like a good idea that I didn’t get a snowblower this year. The expense, to me, outweighs the usage. I don’t mind getting out there and throwin’ snow.

Three times, though, is a little much. But that’s rare.

That said, after some shoveling and work-from-home stuff, I pulled 2/3rds of the kids around the block on my old sled. My parents bought it for $15.95 (price is still markered on it) probably in ’78 or ’79. I see they are selling for $75 now on eBay. The sheen of ice under the snowpack made for a fun ride, though. Worked good as it did when I was eight.

That said…ready for Spring. Heading into the 50s this week. I’m thinking Thursday was Winter’s Last Stand. All down hill from here.


This Week’s Links

* What I Read This Week: A Death

* What I Watched This Week.

* This.

* Hidden Depths.

* Fantastic portrait of The Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon by Drew Gurian.

* More issues for World Press Photos.

* Nice post about Philly photog Jason Varney. I hired him a few years ago, and hope to do so again. Really nice guy and good shooter.

* Ten films that inspired Mad Men.

* Peeps-flavored milk. Huh? What?

* From my mate Andrew Nette: The World of Suzie Wong

* Another good read: Why We Love Secret Spies.

* No more elephants.

* “Fiction is meant to illuminate, to explode, to refresh.” —John Cheever

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