Hoop Dreams

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A late-Friday, last-minute post because…

When I was in high school, this used to be a magical weekend. “This” being the first round of plan (well, it was the “first round” then) of the NCAA Tourney. I was a total hoops head…played ‘ball all the time, watched college games all weekend, and “Big Monday” – the Big East games on Monday nights on ESPN, then NBA Friday and Sunday. Couldn’t get enough.

Then the first weekend of the Tourney came, and I couldn’t wait for that late game on Friday to start. Watching game that started at 11 pm, usually the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers or Valpariso -was so cool then.

I’d have my soda and a bag of chips and be ready for it all.

The interest has waned over the years. I don’t play much and when it I do, it literally feels like I’m shooting bricks, literally (they shots themselves fall like that too). I don’t watch much, if any NBA now, and don’t have time to invest into the college game. Still, I’m sitting here now, flipping back and forth between the Sixers-Knicks pro gameand Duke-Robert Morris NCAA Tournament game

It almost feels like 1987 again. I’m ready to start rummaging around for my Whitesnake or Cutting Crew tapes…

(All joking aside…the top songs from 1987 weren’t half bad…)

Who will end at the top of March Madness?

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