JSP Visual Week In Review 03 | 28 | 15

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_WIR_032815


What a week.

First, the hard drive on my computer fried. Lost a ton of work, including a big Excel chart I’ve been working on. Had to rebuild it.

Then, an external hard drive, filled all my pics from 2013 and 2014, stopped working. Well, the drive seemed to be working but no computer would read it.

And did I have it backed up? Of course not. Lazy like that. Now it’s going to cost me a pretty penny to get it retrieved. I hope the company can do it. We’ll see.

The week ended on a good note, though, as I shot a piece of New Jersey musical history. More to come on that.

Hope you all had a better week. Don’t forget: Back up your work!


This Week’s Links:

* What I’m reading this week.

* What I watched this week.

* A Kid From The Bronx

* Stunning array of Civil War-era photos.

* Jim Murray is turning over in his grave.

* RIP Concrete Charlie.

* A Magic City movie? Yes please.

* “Back up your work.” ~ Mark Krajnak

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

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