#TBT: Life Changer

baby fingers

#TBT – Throw-back Thursday, as the kids say.

A day to look back and remember something from the past. Because we all are living in the social media here-and-now present nowadays.

A truly special TBT for me, though, today.

It was eight years ago today that I went from being a son, a brother, a man, a husband…to being a father.

Olivia Grace came into our world at about 1:20 p.m. She didn’t put up much fight; a short delivery and she was ready to go.

Leslie and I had all the questions, of course. What do we do, what will happen, can we do it?

The answers: We figured it out, it different for everyone, yes we can do it.

Olivia, my little Jersey Girl, is a smart, funny, loving, creative, ingenious, cute, sometimes stubborn amalgamation of me and her mother put together. Smarter and more creative than I ever thought possible, she’s a great daughter, a cool kid to her friends, and goddess to her brothers.

After those midnight feeds, as she’d doze and snore softly on my chest, I’d sing a line from Backstreets “Laying here in the dark like an angel on my chest…”

She is my angel. But more than that, she’s my daughter. My life-changer.

In an instant, she made me a father.

And I lover her to pieces.

Happy Birthday, Liv!

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

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