JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 04 | 04 | 15

(c)JSP Visual Week In Review_040415

Another calendar page flipped. We’ve made it into one of my favorite months of the year – April!

Always a fun month. Starts with my little girl’s birthday on the 2nd. Hard to believe Olivia is 8 now. It’s been a fun adventure watching her grow up. We celebrated accordingly, and she loves her new bike.

Lots going on this month, though. Easter is this weekend, t-ball season starts soon, I signed up for my first race of the season, have a few cool photography projects on tap, and just a whole bunch other things going on.

Think this month will by quick. Hang on and enjoy the ride.


This Week’s Links

* What I finished reading this week. Really enjoyed it. Great NJ settings in it.

* From the NY Times: Parsing Ronald Reagan’s Words for Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

* Photographer Nick Ut looks back at Vietnam.

* David Duncan Douglas’ photos from Korea.

* Watch: The Last Ice Merchant

* In another interview she said “Eat tasty food and sleep well.”

* Bruce and The Bible.

* Your creative calendar for April.

* Jake Burton on storytelling.

* The Party’s Over.

* “I hardly know myself. Do not expect me to know who I ought to be in years to come.” – David Jones

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015


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