Happy National Book Day

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Reading List_WBD_042315

Since there’s a day for everything, it seems today is World Book Day.

Hey, they have days for less important things than books and reading.

But as someone who does like to read, I can get behind this day. More so, though, because of that magic box I carry around, I’ve found my work featured on the cover of, or in, a few books now.

While A Dirty World – a book to go along with an online game – started all this a few years ago, my novel approach (see what I did there) really took off when I hooked up with Bard Constantine for his The Troubleshooter series.

From there, it’s been a pretty nice run, working with very cool editors and writers. Here are the novels or short story collections I’m proud to be part of:

(c)JerseyStyle Photogrpahy_dirtyworld2


(c)Bard Constantine_RedEyedKiller

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Spartan_042315

(c)Joe Clifford_trouble-in-the-heartland

(c)Zelmer Press_Face_April 2015

(c)Double Life Press_Dark Corners Vol 1 Issue_042315

And here’s a first look at Bard’s NEXT book in the Troubleshooter series, of which I helped supply some graphics for the cover. The Man In The Fedora Is Back.

(c)Bard Constantine_the-most-dangerous-damesmall_April 2015

Much thanks to the likes of Savage Press, Double Life Press, Zelmer Pulp, Joe Clifford, Chuck Regan, Brian Panowich, and of course Bard for giving me all of these cool opportunities.

More in the hopper too. Maybe by next year, I can add a few more notches on my novel belt.

Now go read a book.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

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