Friday Noir: It’s A Steal

(c)Bard Constantine_JerseyStyle_050815

Hey all,

Wanted to alert you to this. My friend, Bard Constantine, has designated the month of May as Troubleshooter Month.

Why? Because his new Mick Trubble book, The Most Dangerous Dame (love that title) drops on May 18th.

All month long, to stoke the furnace, he’s holding various raffles and giveaways. I told him I wanted in on that action.

So, we’re partnering for a cool Jersey Noir give away: I’m giving away a signed 11 x 16 noir print of your choice. These prints will be beautifully printed on glossy paper and signed by me. Suitable for framing and hanging in your man cave or hang out of your choice.

Head on over to Bard’s blog for more details on the contest.

It’ll be a great way to steal a print. You can do the crime without having to do the time.

And don’t forget to pre-order Bard’s book, The Most Dangerous Dame from Amazon.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

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