JSP Visual Week In Review 05 | 09 | 15

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Visual Week In Review_050815

The bird squawked at 5 (or thereabouts), I yelled Yabadabado, slide down the tail of the dinosaur, jumped in the car and the weekend was on.

87 degrees when I emerged from the dark, lit only by the computer screen all day. Light traffic, The Gaslight Anthem playing.

Got home. Matt wanted the mini rig (Canon S110) to make some clicks so I let him. Turkey burgers, fries and salad out on the patio. Nice breeze.

Post dinner, 90 minutes of playing Pirate (chasing the kids around the yard with a curved sword, speaking like a pirate Arrgh!), kickball and swings while the light shifted to soft.

Capped the night with some Orson Welles flicks (Touch of Evil, The Lady From Shanghai) on TCM. Next 48 hours are ours to do with it what we may. Let’s rock.


The Week’s Links:

* What I’m reading.

* What I’m listening too.

* Happy Birthday Candice Bergen, who trained as a photojournalist.

* Dennis Hopper’s drugstore camera photos.

* Why you should avoid the techno-utopian fantasyland.

* A Great White at the Jersey Shore.

* Love this 10 minute feature on my buddy, David Bowman, who I had the pleasure of working with a few years ago.

* This must be some good chocolate.

* “Photography pauses the chaos in my head so I can pay attention to things I’d never otherwise be able to.” ~ Charlene Winfred

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

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