Event: Noir At The Bar New Jersey – Round Two


Remember last December when Jen Conley and I put on the very first Noir At The Bar New Jersey event down in Asbury Park?

Well, we’re doing it again. This Sunday evening, New Brunswick, New Jersey, is going dark. Noir dark. We’re ordering up a cold round of crime fiction, this time at Tumulty’s Pub in that little burg.

Established in 1730, New Brunswick has given the world the likes of the poet in Joyce Kilmer, an actor in Michael Douglas, and NFL quarterback in Joe Theisman and a rock band in The Gaslight Anthem. Hub City was pretty hardscrabble back in ’70s but it has bounced back nicely as a college-and-health care town. NJ Transit has a New Brunswick stop that’s a short 10 minute walk from train station, so it’s easily accessible from Philly and New York.

Should be a fun night, filled with great writing. And I get the chance to shoot these cats.

And, I’ll be raffling off a nice 16×20 signed print of one of my noir images that, in honor of the event, I’m calling The First Draft.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_The First Draft_052215_4148

What a way to unofficially start the summer!

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015


4 thoughts on “Event: Noir At The Bar New Jersey – Round Two

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