Friday Noir: Dirty Redemption

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Dirty Redemption2015_082014_4100

There are saints.

There are sinners.

Who are the winners, really?

You get tired.

After a while, you really do.

The knot of hundies in your pocket, bound by a thick rubber band turns smaller.

Becomes a small fold of twenties.

The gambles, the hustles, the grifts…they take their toll.

The dame who ran off some other mug, and some of your cabbage.

Good riddance. Who need either. Was slowing you down anyway.

But the rain keeps battering your lid, you can feel the stones of the street under your thin wing-tipped soles.

Soles? Or Souls?

Where’s you’re soul?

Almost makes you want to pull open those big doors and seek redemption.

Redemption from these dirty streets.

Nah, not for you. You got yourself into this, you’ll get yourself out.

May mean blazing with the gat, but it’ll happen.

Dirty redemption, indeed.

Know any other kind?


I had to drop a Friday Noir on this the last Friday of May. Seems appropriate since Bard Constantine’s new book, The Most Dangerous Dame, launched a few days ago (big congrats to BC!) You’ll notice the character on the cover of the book – another tremendous effort by designer Stefan Prohaczka by the way – is a little similar to today’s image. Both images were from the same shoot, so a nice tie in.

Also, if you get the cable channel Turner Classic Movies (TCM), in June and July, they will have Summer of Darkness every Friday. Basically a film noir festival, with some really great films being shown. It’s these movies, and the writings of Chandler, Hammett, Cain, etc., that I get much of my inspiration. If you enjoy the genre and get TCM, be sure to check it out.

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015


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