Friday Noir: Darkest Summer

(c)JerseyStyel Photography_Summer of Darkness 2016_072015_6074

Great sadness today.

It’s the last day, the last Friday, for TCM’s Summer of Darkness series.

(Honestly, though, not sure why it was called SUMMER of darkness. It was only two months – June and July. We have a whole other month to go!)

In any case, they’ve shown some great movies these past few weeks. And today, the ultimate day/night, it will go out with a bang.

In the spirit of helping out the TCM marketing department, I humbly offer an initial concept for some 2016 advertising.

Never too early to get a jump on the next project and I’m happy to help TCM!

(Speaking of projects, me and my Jersey Noir image are pretty close to joining a very cool new one. Can’t spill it yet, but soon…very soon.)

The light is starting to dim on Summer 2015.

But we ain’t dead yet.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015


2 thoughts on “Friday Noir: Darkest Summer

    • Ha! Interesting! I never saw him like that. Thanks for checking in! I’ve been to your beautiful country – Warsaw, though.

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