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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08 | 29 | 15

Man, what a crazy week. Flew past me in a blur, as, it seems, this summer did too.

On Tuesday, my wife and kids headed down to the Jersey Shore to hang with cousins and family. It’s been a tough one. My father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and will start therapy soon. He’s a man’s-man. Vietnam vet. Welder. All around Mr-Fix-It who has taught me a lot in the 14 years I’ve known him. He’ll blast this, I’m sure, but keep him in your thoughts.

But with them gone, I had some free time (well, aside from dog-sitting my two pups plus Shi Tzu cousin Sansom.) Days spent working, two evenings spent in Asbury Park. Shot some photos I’m very happy with. Even made it on the NY news for my portrait effort.

Now, though, summer is blastin’ outta here. Can’t believe it’s the last Saturday of August already. Where did it go, what did I do? In some ways, it feels like I made progress….in other ways…feels like I backtracked.

Gotta keep pushing.


This Week’s Links:

* Tonight in Hub City – Noir At The Bar.

* Instagram finally allows non-square photos. And still I can’t figure it out.

* Eye candy this week: One. Two. Three.

* Joe McNally on Vegas.

* Cool video here from Flemming Bo, too.

* I was sad to read my friend Bill’s pup passed this week.

* Another reason NJ rocks.

* Donald Trump. And an eagle.

* “Tramps like us….” ~ Bruce Springsteen.

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