Taking The Plunge, Fuji Style

NJ Highline

I takes a lot for me to buy new gear.


But, last week, I took the plunge. I purchased the Fuji X100T.

My hands are still shaking from making this purchase.

Fuji X100T

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you may remember I rented the X100S back in the Fall of 2013.

Did a pretty fair review of it, at least on four days working time. As I said then, I liked it, didn’t love it. Then again, I only had it for four days.

The Fuji itch subsided for awhile, but over the course of the last couple of years, I’ve seen my shooting evolve. While I still love my workhorse Canon 50D (now discontinued by Canon), lately, it feels like I’m pulling out an elephant gun to kill a mouse.

But I know that elephant gun like the back of my hand (doesn’t mean I’m always shooting great shots, but I know it really well.) Plus, I’ve had it six years now and I wonder how much more time it has left. It is a electronic, after all (I know, feeble excuse for a new purchase.)

And, in many situations, I still really love my little Canon S120 Point-and-Shoot.

Allentown Cemetery

And, of course, I’ve still been reading about the many shooters who rock the Fuji system and swear by it. Others have told me personally how much they like the X100T. Maybe smaller is better for what I want to do.

After reading many more blog posts, and watching innumerable YouTube videos, I checked my financials and made the call to Amazon.

It came last Thursday. And just like with the X100s, I shot my first three clicks with the lens cap on, and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t see the image. Have no idea why I do that.

I really started dancing with it over the weekend. Car show, town fall festival, apple picking, afternoon at Six Flags Great Adventure. Portrait and documentary work. I was trying to put it through the paces that I would normally pace.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Yellow Bullet2_101015_DSCF7105

We danced, oh yes. And at times times we were smooth. We also stumbled and stepped on each others feet a bit too. This is a small camera with a lot on the inside. Maybe too much. It’ll take me some time to figure it out.

JSP Portrait
(Had to test out the 10 second timer too)

There’s plenty to like here. First, it feels good in my hand and looks great hanging off my shoulder. I especially like that, this last weekend during the crowded town fall festival. Usually my 50D lens would be getting jostled around some in the crowd. Not so with this small rig. Very discrete.

Second, it is super quiet. I still have the autofocus set to beep, though, but the scratchy *click* is nice.

Olymus and Fuji
(Above, a 1969 Olympus Quickmatic and the 2014 Fuji X100T)

Third…that F/2. Whew.

Chase at f2

This was one of my first images with the camera, I call it a beautiful mistake. Not a great shot but look how that lens catches a bit of Chase’s hair for sharpness but gives that nice soft focus otherwise. I’m used to only opening up to f4.5, so anything below is elegant to me. I can see this being nice for portraits.

I also found, in the maze of settings, that the camera does things like mimic the “toy camera” effect, and tilt-shift. I really like the T-S effect on my little Canon S120, and didn’t know the X100T had it. I kinda still like the effect in the S120 better.

A few negatives. First, the JPGs straight out of the camera (SOOTC) don’t look as good as I remember those from the X100S. I remember being amazed at the JPG SOOTC quality a couple of years ago. These aren’t horrible at all. But I thought the SOOTC ones from 100s were really sexy. Then again, maybe I’m still fumbling with the settings to much and haven’t landed on correct shooting mode. I’m still bringing the files in Camera Raw, tweaking them, and finishing in Photoshop.

(c)Mark Krajnak_JerseyStyle Photography_In Blue_101015_DSCF7237

Also, and this is weird. After charging the battery, nine times out of 10, I put it back in the camera wrong. You know how many batteries usually only go in one way? Apparently not this one. So, I put it back in, have to turn it and and see if I hear the beep. Most times I don’t. Just annoying. I’ll have to mark up the battery.

(c)Mark Krajnak_JerseyStyle Photography_Side By Side

And while I’ve put it through some paces, there’s more I need to see what it can do before I give up my nifty FiftyD. I have a portrait shoot lined up with an author I know soon, with the sole intent of testing the X100T. That will help answer some questions and let me know if I’ve made a good decision.

But for now, I guess I’ve taken the Fuji plunge.

(c)Mark Krajnka_Eye See_101115_DSCF7199

Let’s see how it goes…

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

7 thoughts on “Taking The Plunge, Fuji Style

  1. One of the best street photography cameras out there. I’ve been shooting with the X100s, X-T1 and X-Pro 1 and I LOVE these cameras. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful images with this new camera!

  2. The samples in your post show that you are progressing very well in mastering the new camera. Part of your uncertainty with this camera may be that you have much greater expectations than when you were using the X100S.

  3. If you look closely at the battery you will see one side has a curved edge, just line that up with the curve of the camera body and you can’t go wrong. This is how it is with my X100, I assume it is the same with the X100T, hope this helps.

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