JSP Visual Week In Review 10 | 24 | 15

JSP Visual Week In Review 10.24.15

The Fall marches on. The days alternate between warm and cool. The nights don’t. They are cool. The tree leaves, dying as they are, fire up and flame with brilliant colors.

Also, Matt turned four year old on Wednesday. Every family needs an enforcer. He’s ours. Love that little spitfire. My man.

Few things I’m working on:

* Not this blog, apparently. I seem to be posting less. Is that good or bad? Do I not have as much to say, to show? But I’m supposed to Show My Work!, right? But what if the work isn’t any good? Or not compelling? Who wants that?

* I’m writing something for submission to a bunch of writers. There’s pressure there. The draft is horrible. I need those writers to edit it. Luckily, I can back it up with some photos. Maybe they can carry the horrible writing. I used to be a writer. I don’t write enough now. Writing is like a muscle. You have exercise it to keep it sharp. It ain’t a faucet you just turn on. At least not for me.

* Me and the X100T keep dancing. My father-in-law thought it was an old camera I bought in a second-hand store. (like a Raspberry Beret?)

* ^^ Maybe that should be a post?

Keep after it, yo.


* Visual eye candy this week: Pitfall (featuring Scranton, PA’s own Lizabeth Scott as the femme fatale.)

* Also…All The President’s Men.

* What I read/finished this week.

* Daniel Milnor’s NY Journal: 3

* Watch: Truth (the trailer)

* Classic Esquire Magazine short stories.

* Messy, blurry rugby.

* “I didn’t write the rules, why should I follow them?” ~ W. Eugene Smith

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015


One thought on “JSP Visual Week In Review 10 | 24 | 15

  1. Creativity and energy ebb and flow as does the time needed for the family and work. Be patient and things will come around to allow you to get back in the zone with your shooting and in the groove for your writing.

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