Friday Noir: Pitfall

Jersey Noir_Pitfall

What happens if I tell you my dreams?

What if everyone knew my trials and tribulations?

Is it something you can take?

I’m no angel, but I got nothing to hide.

Can you say the same thing for yourself tonight?

When the night gets long and dark,

And you have to make the call.

What do you do?

Do you fire up the coupe and go?

Or slam another clip in the gat and wait?

You better know what you’re going to do…

Before the time comes.

Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true?


In honor of #Noirvember 2015, I’m breaking out some brand-new Jersey Noir in honor of the month.

The title of this one comes from a new favorite noir movie of mine, starring Scranton, PA’s own Lizabeth Scott. Ms. Scott passed away earlier this year at 92.

So join me, down these dark alleys and fire roads, for the next four weeks for some new Jersey Noir….


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