JSP Visual Week In Review 11 | 07 | 15

Visual Week In Review 11 07 15

It’s Fall in New Jersey.

Color flamed a couple of weeks ago, now starting to dull abit. Temps are staying too high, though. Almost hit 80 this week! Yikes. I miss summer, but don’t want it to be 80 when it should be 60.

Halloween was a blast last weekend. Kids had blast, before and after. We had about 15 kids over the house, they went around the neighborhood, then pizza, then on to Allentown central. The little town does a great job with Halloween. Probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Week rolled along. A little drama with one of my dogs, Bella. She’s 11, fainted (collapsed?) this week. Turns out, the old gal had an enlarged heart, some edema, and a valve that’s clogging. Medication should help, but still. She’s been with us since she’s been a pup. Got us ready for kids. Old lady better give us a few more years, that’s all I’m sayin’….

Still a little quiet behind the camera, still trying to “see” new things. Last couple of days have been better. Need to put myself in more interesting situations. Only way to break free, right?

What’s up in your neck of the woods? Drop a note, a link in the comments, and let me know.


This Week’s Links:

* What I finished reading this week.

* What I watched this week, part 1.

* What I watched this week, part 2.

* What I watched this week, part 3.

* Don McCullin At War.

* The Noir Template.

* Jump, jump…

* Springsteen’s most anxious album.

* Speaking of Springsteen…missing piano.

* Shut your competition, then open your own. Amazon bookstore.

* What makes a good photo – Ray Ketcham.

* RIP Al Molinaro.

* “The only thing they have to prove to other photographers is that they have a good pair of eyes.” ~ Don McCullin (link above)

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

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