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Visual Week In Review 11.14.15

Amid the horrors of this world, I did something yesterday that tickles me to no end.

I read to my son’s kindergarten class.

I know every parent likes to be part of their kids lives. But there’s always been something for me about reading to my kids’ classes, or even just dropping them off or picking them up for school. I love seeing the “out there” in the world, with their little friends, doing their own things. Fills me with a weird sense of amazement.

Anyway, it was fun. A nice little break in my Friday.

Things are getting back on track, shooting a bit more. Still working around the Fuji X100T, but we’re getting there. Shooting an event Tuesday evening…but will probably dust off the Canon 50D for that one.

Into the void….


This Week’s Links:

* What I’m Reading

* And on deck

* Listen: Springsteen begets Fallon who begets Hart.

* “Superman hit my window.”

* The train-hopping, Nazi-fighting literary hero you (may have) never heard of.

* Unifying ROCKY.

* Joe McNally: Things I Had Wish I Had Known.

* Listen: NJ’s Skrizzy Adams.

* Vintage movie posters recast.

* Watch: Masters of Photography – Alfred Eisenstaedt

* “I think digital has trivialized the idea of photography in the minds of everyday people.” ~ Daniel Milnor.

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

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