JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.29.15

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Another week, and another year, another corrupted hard drive.


Wanted to get this post up yesterday, but as I was trying to make the typical mosaic, my Western Digital hard drive started acting up.

Not the ominious clicks and whirls, but seems to be something with the connection cord. I’m trying everything, but can’t seem to get back into it.

At least I have learned from past mistakes. My full year (well, except for November) has put put into a Zip file and put in my DropBox account.

Still…that means I’m a month would my work, and it’s just a pain in the next to go back to get those files.

I have to make some changes though. My workflow isn’t working good enough. Maybe time to get rid of the Seagates and Western Digitals and get Lacie drives. Or a solid state external drive.

I got nuttin’, though. Just really annoyed.


This Week’s Links:

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4 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.29.15

  1. Sorry to read of the drive problems. I was fortunate in that the drive was readable and I was able to copy all the data. I was able to fix the corrupted files that were the root of the problem. The file system became corrupted while I was away from the computer for about 4 hours.

    Just a heads up if you are running Windows 7. The Windows 7 recovery disk may not want to repair a corrupted file system problem. I pulled the drive and connected it to another machine, The new machine reported problem with the file system which did not fix initially. I copied all the appropriate files to the new machine. I restarted the new machine and this time told windows to repair the files system. The drive was returned to the original computer and booted. I ran several diagnostics and had no drive problems. I lost some cookies but everything else seems to be fine. I lost no data and I’m being more careful on keeping backups current.

  2. Hey Mark, sorry to hear about your HD. Reading your blog just made me update my back-ups. Question for you….. why zip file your photos before going to dropbox? I have a seagate ext drive that I just changed the poer cord, have you tried that?

    • Hi Mike…for some reason, I thought I couldn’t drag RAW files into DropBox, unless I zipped them up. Maybe I’m incorrect though. I’ll check again. And, yes, I’ve tried about 4-5 different connection cords. Still no love.

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