Merry Christmas From JSP

Kids_tree_framed_(c)JerseyStyle Photography_122215_MG_9277

Well, it’s about time for that jolly elf to load up his sleigh and get a move on.

It’s 70 degrees here in New Jersey today. I’m make homemade pasta sauce, in shorts no less, for our dinner tonight (sorry Mom, no mushroom soup or pagatch this year.)

My youngest, Matt (age 4) came downstairs this morning, looked at our Christmas tree and started crying.

“Santa didn’t leave us any presents!” he said between tears.

“Little guy,” I said “Today is Christmas Eve. Santa comes tonight!”

The look of relief on his face was priceless.

From my JerseyStyle Photography family to yours….I hope your holiday is priceless as well.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

One thought on “Merry Christmas From JSP

  1. Merry Christmas to the JSP family. Merry Christmas, Mark, to you and your entire family. All too soon Matt will be reading calendars and counting days until Christmas.

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