Photo A or Photo B

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_skyone_clr_02262016_IMG_0753

Photo A

Haven’t done this for a while so…which do you prefer. Photo A, above, or Photo B, below.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_skyone_bw_02262016_IMG_0753

Photo B

This was a quick snap I made on the way into work this morning. The clouds were looking awesome and they were creating great high shadows. As I often do, I ran the image through the Nik HDR filter, just to bump the contrast and saturation a little.

Interesting to see the same photo but in color and B&W. I had a conversation with my young nephew over the weekend. He’ll turn 12 in a few days, and he’s asked me to speak to his class. Seems they are having “experts” talk about what they are experts in. He’d like me to speak about photography, knowing full well I’m far from an expert. That said, I’m honored.

Anyway, we discussed about maybe looking at how the perception of an image can change if it’s in color or in b&w. I think that may be a neat area to touch on. Who knows…maybe these images will end up in my presentation.

Ok, in the comments below…which do you prefer…Photo A or Photo B?

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016

7 thoughts on “Photo A or Photo B

  1. B

    I think this kind of scene always does better in black & white. There’s not a lot of color interplay or interesting scene elements, so you have to go for drama and I think that’s always done better in B&W. But that could just be me.

  2. The severity of photo B is dark and ominous. Hard for we mere lurkers to imagine it’s the same shot as A, which looks bright, breezy and crisp. BTW, I think your nephew has chosen wisely. Good stuff and keep it up.

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