Friday Noir: Little White Bird

Little White Bird

“I can usually tell how bad my day is gonna be by the sound of the storm. From the way  the rain pounded the pavement, it sounded like things weren’t about to go my way anytime soon….”

The thing about writers…they write. Sometimes they set word count limits for themselves – they have to hit a certain amount a day before they can get up. Fueled (sometimes) by copious amounts of coffees  and (always) creativity all up in their heads, they just…have…to…write.

(Kinda sounds like some photographers I know.)

Little White Bird is a new ebook from Bard Constantine, the fantastically creative writer with whom I’ve been collaborating with, off and on, for four years now (has it really been four years??? Well, almost.)

Bard’s main character, Mick Trubble, is as  if Philip Marlowe lived in the Blade Runner setting. Except BR took place in dystopian Los Angeles, and Mick hovers, literally, around fictional New Haven. (No, not New Haven, Connecticut).

Little White Bird is Bard’s dystopian take on the Peter Pan story. Originally developed for an anthology that never happened, Bard dusted off his entry and decided to publish. Read more about how Little White Bird developed here.

I’m halfway through the story now and I gotta say…it’s pretty darn cool.

The other thing that’s pretty cool is….I’m On The Cover!

Thanks to the fantastic work of both Bard and graphic designer Stefan Prohaczka,  my mug, as the “face” – literally – of Mick Trubble, graces the cover of Little White Bird.

I’m still always stunned and honored to see how these two gents can take my humble noir images and elevate them to the super cool realm.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been very fortunate to be associated with many writing projects, and to get to know many writers in the process. These are the Clive Cusslers or Tom Clancy-type writers. You know, the ones that get a big advance and then spend a goodly amount of time researching their next book or locked away in their “writing nook.”

No, these cats are finding time to write in between hammering out their day jobs (or two), making dinner, giving he kids baths, wondering if they are good enough to keep doing this, packing it in, upacking it out and letting the words bleed from their fingers.

JK Rowling was like this. She taught at night and wrote during the day. She famously went from living on state’s benefits to being a millionaire author is just five year.

To that end, be it a big novel or an ebook, authors depend on us. They depend on reviews, especially on Amazon. This leads to Amazon bumping up their work in various ways, and hopefully getting the writers more exposure.

I want to see Bard get this exposure. So I’m going to help get the word out about this new story any way I can. I hope you do too.

Head over to Amazon, download this book (geez, it’s only .99 cents, waaaay less than a crappy cup of coffee in a white cup with a green logo) for a good weekend read. Then leave a review, even a short “I Liked It!” review. Every little bit helps!

Go take a walk on the dystopian side…just make sure your Mean Ol’ Broad is well-oiled and  don’t forget your Bogart.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016



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