Tear Sheet: HUSTLE Book Cover

Hustle2_Tom Pitts

The internet has made the world, especially the creative world, a very small place. I’ve had some opportunities I never would have imagined had Al Gore never invented the WWW.

I’ve written a few times about the partnership I have with Bard Constantine, an author from Alabama, and Stefan Prohaczka, a graphic designer from Paris, on creating the covers for Bard’s THE TROUBLESHOOTER series of dieselpunk novels. That relationship is cool itself.

Now, another three-pronged collaboration has occurred. I “know” Tom Pitts because of THE TROUBLE IN THE HEARTLAND anthology from a few years ago. Joe Clifford edited that book, and brought me into contribute photos. He’s good friends with Tom Pitts, a author out of San Francisco. Through all of this, and Facebook, we’ve become internet friends, at least.

Tom is a unique story of success. He was…well…he was a junkie living on the streets of San Francisco at one point. Actually, both he and Joe were. But, by the grace of God, and their hard work, they’ve turned it all around to become successful husbands, fathers, and writers. I know Tom grinds out a day job too. He’s an independent writer publishing with independent work.

Doing the roadwork and getting it done.

Anyway, he’s a very talented writer.A few weeks ago, he send me a note saying he was looking to reissue his book, HUSTLE, and was wondering if we could collaborate on a new cover. He’s liked the work I’ve posted (and he even dug up some older images of mine too- one shot of a metal star on a brick background…I still can’t find a hi-res of it, and can’t remember where I shot it) to see what we could come up with.

The other lynch pin would be a graphic designer (and writer and beer enthusiast), also out of Northern California, Dyer Wilk. It would be up to Dyer to do something with the parade of pixels we pushed over to him.

So, I pulled a bunch of images I thought may work. Things showing gritty street life, anything rusted or bricked up. We tossed a few concepts and ideas back and forth for a week or so.

What you see above are the fruits of Dyer and Tom’s labors. Dyer made some modification to the image, and I love the way it works as a cover.

Here’s the original, a shot from New York City one cold winter day.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_NYC Graffitti

I’m proud to be partnering with these cats. The new second edition of HUSTLE will be available from Down & Out Books on May 2, 2016.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016


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