Tearsheet: Livie & Luca Blog

Livie and Luca_c_052016

It’s funny where our images end up sometimes.

If you had told me images that I shot in Shanghai would be used on a blog run by a small company that specializes in children’s footwear, I would have said “Huh? What?”

But a few weeks ago, I opened an email from Amie Garcia, one of the co-owners of Livie & Luca.

She requested to use some of my photos that I shot while in Shanghai a few years ago. They would go to support a blog post she wanted to run about her experience in Shanghai.

A bit of back and forth as we determined and agreed upon permissions and rights, but all very congenial.

Amie’s post went up earlier this week…and I was happy to have my images as part of it!

Check out the post and Amie’s and Mitzi’s site – cool products with great global intentions.

And here’s my Shanghai post that includes these images.

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016

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