New Kid On The Block

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_70D_060216_DSCF3546

If you’ve been stopping by this joint for any appreciable length of time, you know I don’t quickly or easily buy new gear.

In fact, it’s a fairly hard-thought out, hand-wringing, days of mental lob-and-volley until I decide one way or the other.

I feel like I’m repeating myself…because I am.

But there I am, just eight months remove from buying the Fuji X100T, with another new camera in my hands.

I thought long and hard about this purchase, too. It all started, really, on January 1, at the Polar Bear Plunge. My workhorse, the Canon 50D, got wetter than in past years. At first it didn’t seem like much, but I guess it was.

The 50 has never been the same since then. Frankly, it’s hardly worked since then. I put it on the shelf for a few months, using only the Fuji and my little Canon S100. I picked it up and tried it out a few weeks ago, thought  it was back to working but in reality, it was just a last dying breath.

I even had to turn down a shoot since I wasn’t confident the Fuji could tackle an energetic concert performance (it’s a little slow focusing to me.)

I have a couple of big projects coming up this summer, and it was either bite the bullet and buy a new camera body, or just pay out to rent. I’d prefer to have something readily on hand.

So, with this past Memorial Day holiday upon us, I knew various companies would be having deals. Sure enough, Canon themselves had a decent one.

I really thought I’d go for either a refurbished 5DMarkII or somehow a 5DMarkIII.

Looking at the prices of both, though, made my stomach contract like to had a gut full of curdled milk.

Then, I read a few reviews of the 70D (which I think I’ve rented before) and quite a few reviews said the 70D is as good as the 5DMarkII or III’s at a lot less, especially if you don’t need full frame. Which I don’t.

Then I saw a pretty good price on a 70D body from Adorama.

Still, it was hard to me to click “Purchase.” I had the webpage open for, literally, 12 hours.

Finally, I hit send. And a couple of days later, Seventy arrived. And on it went my 24-105 lens.

And I have to say…it’s been nice to have a bigger DSLR in my hands.

It just feels good to hold the grip. My hand just responds to it because, I’m sure, all those years around the 50D.

I’m hoping I won’t miss not getting the 5DM series. I probably won’t. They just weren’t in my budget. Heck, this one stretches it out pretty far.

I still miss the 50 though. I miss it because of our history. That camera has been around the world with me, and on numerous local jaunts and adventures.

But, I guess it’s time to make some new history, some new photo magic with these new tools.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Fields_Route 524_060216_IMG_3553

One of my first images made with the 70D, finished with Nik

Because that’s all they are right? Cameras…they are tools. I can have that top-of-the-line Hasselblad, or that $7,500 Leica, but if I still can’t see the image, then what good is it, right?

So, off we go.

Let’s see where it takes us.

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016

4 thoughts on “New Kid On The Block

  1. I’m certain the new camera will prove to be a good choice. The image you posted shows you are off to a good start.

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