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Flash Fiction: Two Quick Shots

You may remember, way back in early July, I put forth a challenge to anyone that wanted to participate: Write a piece of flash fiction with this image as the story starter.

The deadline was to be August 1, but I’m a pushover editor. I gave more time. Then had other things going on. Then went on vacation and was off-line (for the most part).

But now, finally, we have two entries! Two writers – Bill Baber and Ryan Sayles  – threw their writing hats into the ring, and delivered some short, hard-hitting pieces of fiction to accompany this photo.

Here, without further adieu, are the two stories, in PDF form:

Two quick shots, like those from a Saturday Night Special or a Conor McGregor jab, make up the fiction here.

Two pieces, four characters.

And guns. Everybody’s got guns.

Not a lot of words but a lot of meat on these bones.

Here’s where I need your help, dear reader. As I mentioned, the contest is…whomever’s story gets the most votes, will win one of my images as a signed, 16×20 print.

And I’ll also work to get the winning story published online someplace.

That’s great for the winner, right? But what’s in it for me, you’re saying. I know you are.

Well, make your selection in the comments below. Try to leave something more than “I pick Sayles, he’s got cool side burns!” or “It’s Baber! He lives in Tuscon! I’ve been to Tuscon!”

You don’t have to go all Kirkus Reviews on me, but leave me a little something.

At the end of the judging (see below), I’ll put all the names of those that left a comment in my Stone Pony baseball cap and pull out a name. That person will win a signed print of your choice from me as well.

Judging is open until the summer ends, that is, 12 midnight on Labor Day night, September 5.

Your 2016 summer reading, then, will officially be over. Mine is almost there.

So, get reading. And reviewing.

And don’t pull any punches.

Bill and Ryan didn’t.

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016