Friday Noir: Tell No One

No Tell_082116_DSCF6861

Did you tell anyone?

No…who am I going to tell?

I went out walking the other day
Seen a little girl crying along the way

I’m just asking.

You have more to lose here than me. But no, I didn’t tell anyone.

She’d been hurt so bad said she’d never love again

Where did you park?

Around, on the other side. Like we said.


Some day your crying girl will end
And you’ll find once again
Two hearts are better than on.

We can’t keep doing this.

Why not?


Sometimes it might seem like it was planned
For you to roam empty hearted through this land.

It’s up to you. End it if you want.

Don’t put that pressure on me.

No pressure. You have more to lose than I do.

Though the world turns you hard and cold
There’s one thing  that I know.

But don’t you love me.

Is that what this is about?


That’s if you think your heart is stone
And that you’re rough enough to whip this world alone

Tell no one.


Alone there ain’t no peace of mind
That’s why I’ll keep searching ’til I find my special one

Text in Italics: Bruce Springsteen, Two Hearts.

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016

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