Eye Candy: Summer Reading List – The Finale


So, this is how my Summer Reading List ends.

The Rest:

  • The Beast Time Forgot – Jim Harrison
  • Cannibals: Stories From The Edge Of The Pine Barrens – Jen Conley
  • Man From B.A.R. (short story) – Richard Ford
  • Golden Land (short story) – William Faulkner
  • They Only Hang You Once (short story) – Dashielle Hammett
  • A Man Called Spade (short story) – Dashielle Hammett
  • Westward Ho – Jim Harrison
  • The Bear – William Faulkner
  • Off To The Side (A Memoir) – Jim Harrison
  • Alvin’s Secret Code – Clifford Hicks
  • Cimarron Rose – James Lee Burke
  • Something on the American Civil War (vacation house read)

I read what I wanted to, didn’t get to some (yet), stopped reading a couple that I started and just couldn’t get into.

I realize, too, I really like the novella. Very underrated.

And it was fun to read Alvin’s Secret Code, one of my favorite books as a kid around 4th Grade. I bought it for Olivia to read on vacation. I don’t think she digs it unfortunately. I highly recommend it for if you know a kid in that age bracket. It’s a little dated, what with all the gizmos out there now, but still fun. Also fun to re-read this Hardy Boys book now.

These three are a still in progress. In a couple days, summer ends, and so does this reading list. Already compiling for the fall, of which I have a few in the hopper.

How about you – what did you read this summer that you liked? Put it in the list below.

(Speaking of reading, THIS contest is still going on. Get in on it.)

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016


One thought on “Eye Candy: Summer Reading List – The Finale

  1. I thought I was the only one who, at age 50 read the Hardy Boys now and again as a kind of guilty pleasure. Every time I go home to visit my father in PA I grab one of my old ones of the shelf and read it.

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