Fall Comes To My ‘Hood


Fall has only been here for a couple of weeks, but it seems like it descended quickly and with authority.

The farm stands around the country lanes I live on and around are firmly into the spirit. Pumpkins, gourds, corn mazes the norm.

Hard to believe Summer was still in full swing, it seems, just a month ago. The light is already flatter, the clouds more dark, the air tinged with coolness.


I made the image above the other week. One of the yearly traditions around the farms where I live is to spread lime to neutralize the acids in the soil, making way for a new growing year. (Good article about the practice here.) It’s a common site around these parts this time of year, prompting my kids to ask why it snowed.


Speaking of growing seasons, our little backyard farm seems to be about done. Our tomatoes plants did well, helping me make some good salsa along the way. The peas didn’t turn out well, just a few measly pods. And our carrots….*sigh*


But it was our small pumpkin patch that was the star. We had never planted them before, but they really took over our little garden plot Lots of blossoms throughout the summer, and though we only got four pumpkins out of the batch, it was fun growing them. The kids like keeping an eye on their activity throughout the summer.


Chase, holding the fruit of our labor.

But now Fall certainly seems to be here. The baseball regular season has ended, playoffs are set to begin. Football is in full swing. My little burg, Allentown, New Jersey, will have its annual Fall Festival this weekend. My son, Matt, will celebrate his 5th birthday in a couple of weeks, then Halloween will be here.

Fall has definitely arrived in New Jersey.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016



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