Dispatches: Germany


Hey, Ho…Let’s go…to Germany.

About 20 minutes outside of Dusseldorf, Germany, today.

More corporate library shooting. Like ducks in a pond: Everyone was extremely energetic, upbeat, attractive, and followed art direction well.


Flo, of course, had to take coffee break time. Otherwise, we were working bell-to-bell.


Theo Papadopolous_Neuss_102616_DSCF9991.jpg

It was like we rented Milk Studio. Lots of room, great natural light. We shot environmental portraits and video. Couldn’t go wrong with this cast of people we had to to shoot, too.

Lucky Strike_102616_IMG_0881.jpg

Some cool light as we made our way to dinner this evening. That’s photographer Gary Chapman, and his wife Vivian, in the foreground.

Gaststatte Rheingold Beer garten_bw_102616_IMG_0897.jpg

And, rockin’ the Asbury Park Fight Club t-shirt at a joint there since 1870.I made some new friends this evening at dinner. That’s Lars Ulrich on the far right….no, not this one….Nike next to me (“Like the sneaker,” he said) and Jans on the left of me. A friend/colleague of Lars.

They knew Springsteen.

Of course.

Tomorrow, we rock Italy.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016


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