Back In The 732


I got back to New Jersey late yesterday afternoon. Left the hotel in Latina, Italy at 7 a.m., got to Da Vinci Airport in Rome around 7:40. Enough time before the flight to have a pannini, a cappachino, souvenir shop, and listen to this gent, John Luca.


The sign next to the grand piano near our gate said “Play me!” John walked up, sat down and did this:

It’s the random encounters during travel like this is what I like.

Image above is during the approach to Dusseldorf. Nice fall colors and the shadow.


On the approach to EWR, Giant Stadium was empty. But I thought back to August 23 when it was NOT so empty, and that guy from Freehold threw down a nearly 4 hour show and everyone roared when he sang:

“Now my home was here in the Meadowlands, where mosquitoes grow big as airplanes
Here where the blood is spilled, the arena’s filled, and Giants play the game…”


New York in the distance, the trails of North NJ in the foreground. Lady Liberty, who just had a birthday, is out there too.

Did a ton of photo editing on the plane while watching some movies. Made lots of notes, too, while reading Lufthansa Magazine and Vanity Fair. I only read VF when I travel.


The shoots continue Monday and Tuesday in NJ and PA respectively. Then done…for a few weeks at least.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016



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