Days 1 & 2: Thirty Days of Noir

JerseyStyle Photography_Noirvember 2016 - Day One

Noirvember – Day One

It’s November now, or as I like to call it…Noirvember.

If you’ve hung around this site for any length of time, you know I’m a big fan of film noir and noir-based fiction and photography. It’s my favorite genre for a few reasons: The mood it evokes, the classic nature of it, the murky who’s good, who’s not part of it all. Because hardly anything is black-and-white in this world, right? Things don’t break that neatly.

The idea behind Noirvember began about seven ago as the brainchild of  with Marya Gates, aka Old Films Flicker, a film historian, now doing social media for Turner Classic Movies and a few other outlets, not to mention her own vehicles.

The #noirvember hashtag runs strong on Twitter, and on Instagram. And, since I have quite a bit of Jersey Noir in my portfolio, I thought I’d jump in and be part of the fun.

JerseyStyle Photography_Noirvember 2016 -Day Two

Noirvember – Day Two

To that end, for the next thirty days (well, 29 now), I’ll be posting something noir-related every day. Mostly my images, but also books, stories and films related to the noir genre that I like as well.

So, grab your fedora, oil up your gat and spark up a Lucky. The air is getting chilly, and the fog is starting to roll in.

Stay with me now…and watch your back!

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016



2 thoughts on “Days 1 & 2: Thirty Days of Noir

  1. “Noirvember” – great word 🙂 I love Your works, all the chandler-esque atmosphere, deakins-esque lights and shadows, city landscapes and great models also. I’ll be visit You blog still, as always, although I write comments very seldom.
    Fan from Poland 🙂

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