30 Days of Noir: Day 4 ~ The First Friday Noir


I seem to love doing noir on Fridays. Maybe it’s the whole “late movie” aspect – watching The Maltese Falcon or Out Of The Past late on a Friday night.

This was before the time of VCR’s and DVD’s. When I would spin around the TV stations and hope to find something on the local stations. And I’d watch it in my bedroom, lights off, with just the glow of the black & white movie shining in, introducing me to Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe and Edward G. Robinson.

Later on, I guess that is what started me on doing my semi-weekly Friday Noir series.I would post one of my noir images and include a short, punchy, pulp-like caption with it. And Friday seemed to be the best day to do it.

Hush, Sweet Baby, Hush, the image above, was the first one, on July 25, 2009. I had done a Weekend Noir post a little earlier, but this was the first one I called Friday Noir.

Wow, seven years ago.

I really got into it. One year, I think, I did a new one every Friday.

And then…Ugh. Friday Noir became a “thing” with me…to the point where that which I loved I came to disdain, at least a little.

I think I over did it a little. I was having a harder time trying to come up with new stories to go with the images. And, it was harder to find the time to shoot them, too.

I started to not like them as much.


Happens with everything.

I still do them, of course. And of course I like when I get a good one on the books.

I hardly ever post them on days other than Friday, though.

.There’s something special about Friday. You head out into the night to blow off steam after a long week of work and before the usual weekend chores need to get started (does Sam Spade have Saturday chores? Doubt it. Maybe just checking the racing schedules).

No telling what kind of trouble one can get into

Friday’s will always be THE day. Friday Noir will live on.

Tonight, I think I’ll watch an old film noir late into the night. But I won’t have to hope for something on TV, I’ll just dial up Amazon Prime or Netflix.

Maybe I’ll watch Pitfall, since I talked about it yesterday. Or Double Indemnity. Or Kubrick’s Killer’s Kiss.

Saturday chores can wait.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016


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