30 Days of Noir: Day 5 ~ Joe McNally Does Noir


(c)Joe McNally 2016

Joe McNally is no stranger to shooting noir.

And I like to think I had something to do with it.

Joe and I have been friends for almost 17 years now, after that first fateful corporate annual report photo shoot we did together back in January of 2000. The clocks, and calendars had just turned, we weren’t sure what would happen to the computers (Y2K and all that), yet we set off for, if I remember, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Poland and Puerto Rico…I think.

It was a long, two-week trip with a ton of gear. This was just before digital took hold, Joe was shooting Nikon, of course, all film and lots of big lights. I wish I had paid more attention to his work and set ups. That would come later.

Fast-forward a few years, and I start shooting. Then I start doing my noir work, which I think he liked. He’s a fan of old movies too, always looking for the light.He starts work on a new book about small flash, The Hot Shoe Diaries, and wants to include some examples of noir, with me as The Man In The Fedora.

So, one evening, we head out to the West Side Highway in NYC, and shoot for a couple of hours.


The Man In The Fedora – (c)Joe McNally

The shoot, and book, was a success.One of the pics Joe shot of me even ended up on a gal’s arm as a tattoo…(The very nice backstory here, on Joe’s blog.)


(c)Joe McNally

Fast-forward again to this summer. Joe and I have been trying to resurrect The Man In The Fedora for a while, but our schedules just can’t seem to mesh. He told me about a new noir concept he had and that he wanted to try. I even scouted some NJ locales to see if they would work.

Alas, schedules again didn’t work out and he had to go with another lead. That mug who leads off this piece. It ain’t me, but not to shabby. Nice lid.

Of course, he needed a femme fatale, too.


The Femme Fatale – (c)Joe McNally

Joe normally works in color so much of this story resonates as neo-noir to me. No worries. Nothing wrong with that. When I saw some if what he’s posting to Instagram, it reminded me of some of the stills I saw for The Killer Inside Me.


Love those lush colors.

I love to see Joe exploring this realm. I’ll certainly never be as good as him, but I like to think I’ve influenced a master, just a little bit anyway.

I don’t think Joe knows about #Noirvember, but his timing to push out these shots on his blog and IG is timely. Check him out for more noir goodness.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016


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