30 Days of Noir: Day 11 ~ Fear And Retribution


Most people, at this time, were either headed off to Sunday services or enjoying their second cup of coffee while reading the paper.

Not you.

You don’t do what you did to Parker and get to enjoy the second cup of coffee.

Or even the first.


Best to stay with the martini. Especially since the scotch is gone. One more won’t hurt.

Soon you’ll be on the move. Mickey Bones will be here, you’ll get in the car and away from where you are.

It’s not that far to the Canadian border. Time enough for coffee then.

You hope.

Check the clip one more time.

Take a sip.

Try to relax.

Everyone spends their Sunday mornings a little differently….


A few things going on with this one.

* I shot this back in the summer of 2007.

* I must have recently watched The Godfather. There’s the scene were they are all eating Chinese food and Sonny is wearing the white tank-top undershirt, with his suspenders hanging down. That’s where this comes from.

* I mention “Parker.” Parker is the name of the Donald Westlake/Richard Stark protagonist in many of his novels. I’m not talking about the same Parker here, but I think I had just read Breakout. (As an aside, Westlake once said the worst thing he did was name the character Parker, because he had to write around phrases like “Parker parked the car…” to often. But he was too far along and couldn’t change the character name.)

* I wanted a bigger cross on the wall, but couldn’t find one. Had to go with that smaller one in the upper frame of the image.

* I really did shoot this on a Sunday morning.

* I’ve licensed this image out a couple of times:

– To A Dirty World, a role-playing game, in 2008


– And as the cover of Spartan Negotiator in 2013. The Man gets a shoulder tattoo though, and a different view out that window.I had heard, at one point, they were looking to do a movie on this one. Not sure whatever happened with that.


(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016

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