30 Days of Noir: Day 13 ~ Noircon


With travel, comes some difficulties.

A few weeks ago, I had to go to Europe for business for a week. Had to art direct some photo shoots, while also doing some second shooting.

This is one the best part of my job and that which I look forward to – getting out in the world, seeing new things, meeting new people. I have some more travel coming up in a couple of weeks, to Asia no less (fingers crossed my visa comes back in time).

But during this last bit of globetrotting, I missed Noircon. From their website, NoirCon is a biennial literary conference devoted to the dark, elusive, and seductive areas of art and life that we have come to call “noir.” Over a weekend, participants gather for panels, conversations, and parties centered around the best classic and contemporary expressions of this art form. The conference allows friends, new and old, to gather and carry on discussions that fittingly last late into the night. Above all else, NoirCon is a celebration, and a community of like-minded individuals who, thanks to our common interests, can become a family.

Noircon started in Philadelphia in 2007, as Goodiscon, a tribute to the Philadelphia-based noir writer, David Goodis. Back in 2014, I was part of a Noircon panel, and this year I was looking forward to showing some of my JerseyNoir images there.

But, alas, because of my travel, I had to miss it. I felt bad sending the email to Lou Boxer, the organizer, about my absence. He understood, but then had a fun idea: He wanted to know if I could wear the Noircon T-Shirt during my travels and take photos of me in it from each stop.

Sounded fun to me! Herald the message of Noircon across the land!


Before leaving, I set the stage in New Jersey.


A noir-ish evening in Geel, Belgium


Along the Rhine River in Neuss, Germany.


Early one morning in Latina, Italy.

I have to admit, I didn’t really “get” what the symbol was on the t-shirt. Lou sent me an email and explained it: “A 45 record adapter!  It goes with the whole program.  The keynote Speaker (Woody Haute) is talking music and Noir.  The title of his talk BLACK NIGHT FALLING: David Goodis on Central Avenue.  Many of the honorees have a strong background in music as well.  I am sure once the printed program is out it will make a splash on the internet. … it is a celebration of the music that makes noir noir.

So, there you have it. Personally, I feel noir is well represented in music, particularly one musician who’s work I like very much.

More, on that, to come…

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016

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